Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Dellow Delivery

The long awaited
Dellow Delivery is about to start !
This evening ( Wednesday 19th May) in Alvechurch Village Hall at 7.30 pm the 60th anniversary celebration will commence. Jim Harvey will be giving a talk on the history of Dellows and the Dellow Delivery will commence.
Dellow Motors Ltd. began car production in 1950 and now, sixty years later, a leather bound Journal has been prepared to be lasting record of a journey around the Dellow Register membership.It will record a snippet in time of members and their cars. Like an olympic torch it will be passed from one member to another, and taken by Dellow Delivery from county to county, around the country, across Europe, around the world!
The journal will start its journey tonight, in Alvechurch, where the first Dellow rolled out of the factory door.
It will be a wonderful journey with a route unknown at present, but one which will pass by famous landmarks and historic places as well as the most modern and fascinating ones.
It will not be without incidents and excitement and is certain to be a challenge. Involving a large number of members each with their own interest and styles it will form an intriguing record.
The journal will record the journey, in words, pictures, and items enclosed within its leather binding. Look out for it, someone may be passing it to you soon, so that you can record your stage in this incredible journey, as you pass it on to the next member.
and watch this space to find out how far it has travelled,
where it has been,
and where it has got to,
further details: Roy Wareham easterfields@btinternet.com


  1. Plan to be there tonight with LOC 827 - Michael

  2. We'll be there too with OKO 675 - see you there.
    The Barkers