Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Dellow Register Gazette

Really enjoyed the edition that popped through the letter box yesterday. Super job Jeremy.



  1. Yes excellent mag (following on from Davids fine efforts) and was sad to hear about Mary Heighway having passed away as very much the end of an era. Mick Earl Heighway was a lovely man and great friend of Lewis Tracey who owned Dellow number 3 , CAB 282 of course.

    There is film of Mick getting stuck in OP 3835 on the Gloucester in '48 with his rakish scarfe flying and I will pen a few lines and also on thi sfilm is Eric Penn in HAB 245 and CAB 282 of course.

    Peter Seabrook-Harris

  2. Yes, well done Jeremy!

    David Haley

  3. Yes a fine edition whatever the name but great thanks to David Haley and those who went before.

    Robin Barlow

  4. Excellent job on the new Gazette. Well done Jeremy